• DBS Check Approved
    Renewal Date: Apr 2018
  • Speaks
    english, portuguese
  • Evening Care
  • Emergency Backup

I've been working as a carer for the last 7 years, mainly with people with dementia. Since 2009, I have been volunteering in nursing homes as a support worker. This is a strong advantage as I am very used to supporting people to find their voice and articulate their concerns and aspirations. It also made me fully aware of the effects of social isolation and how crucial it is to promote social inclusion practices. During this time my main responsibilities have been building a relationship with the patients supporting their activities, establishing work routines that help the patients, providing emotional and social support, accompanying the patients on walks or other outings and leading development activities. I'm caring, patient, truthful and passionate. I provide high quality services, making sure that my clients are safe, happy and comfortable in my company. I love reading, visiting museums and going for walks. I'm interested in photography, film and community causes. I do yoga and love vegetarian cuisine. My biggest passion is travelling. I'm looking for day care work and I'm flexible to work any days of the week. I'm an empathetic person always with a smile and with a very patient and caring attitude that helps to stimulate the confidence of older people. If you're looking for someone like me, please get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi, my name is Sara. I live in East London, Hackney, and I have been a carer for seven years now. So I'm very passionate about community work and I have been doing lots of volunteering in terms of food drives and providing meals for the community. I am very passionate about providing, sharing skills and workshops for children, so I have been facilitating a few workshops as well. And I have been actually abroad twice as a volunteer, once in Ghana, another time in East Timor also providing community development. In my spare time, I love just walking around. I love going to museums and galleries. I love a good walk in the park. I love to sit down, just to talk and share a cup of tea. I love coffee. I do yoga in my spare time as well. I love reading. And I love completely, I'm passionate about photography and film-making.


  • Learning Disability
  • Depression
  • Alzheimer's Dementia
  • Cancer


  • cooking
  • administration
  • shopping
  • laundry
  • dressing and undressing
  • eating and drinking assistance
  • medication prompting
  • moving and handling
  • personal assistance
  • attending appointments
  • gardening
  • physical activities


  • reading
  • museums
  • walking
  • photography
  • films
  • communities
  • travelling
  • yoga


  • BA Degree in Fine Arts and Multimedia
    Esad Caldas da Rainha, Portugal 2009
  • MA Degree in Media and Communication
    Goldsmiths, University of London 2013