Vania G.

£18 / hour 200+ Hours
Vania G.
£18 / hour
5-9 years experience
  • DBS Check Approved
    Renewal Date: Oct 2018
  • Speaks
    english, portuguese, spanish

I have over 5 years experience as a Carer Assistant in a Nursing Home and doing home visits. My main duties have consisted of providing care to the elderly and vulnerable people on their daily routine, personal hygiene, dressing and undressing, feeding, entertaining, accompany at doctors appointment. I also have a Diploma and work as a freelance (Portuguese/ English) interpreter. I would describe myself as friendly, flexible and patient. I have full UK Citizenship.

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My name is Vania. I live in West London. I've been working for over five years as a carer. In my spare time I enjoy meeting my friends for coffee, going shopping. I like cooking. I like being with my son as well, taking him out, going to the parks. I like watching TV as well. I like music, listening to music and surfing the net, finding out about interesting things and places and countries. I have many years of experience as a carer. I worked for nearly three years at a nursing home in Scotland, then I moved to London and worked again nearly three years as a private carer.

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I have had the pleasure of knowing Vania for more than twenty years. During the years of our acquaintance, I have known her in many capacities. She has been a multimedia assistant in a language school learning centre. Her responsibilities involved helping ESL children and adolescents to develop their learning skills to become more independent learner and consequently become more fluent within the English language. She has also been my trainee student, and assisted me with the many tasks required to run a language school. More recently, she has spent time in the classroom and has turned out to be a very successful teacher. Vania is an intelligent, capable, dedicated, and responsible woman. She is always quick on her feet, with sensible reactions in all the circumstances I've seen her in. I feel confident in saying that she is capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and maturity.

Thu Mar 05 2015 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)


  • Stroke
  • Depression
  • Alzheimer's Dementia
  • Deafness


  • cooking
  • shopping
  • dressing and undressing
  • personal grooming and hygiene
  • toileting
  • eating and drinking assistance
  • moving and handling
  • personal assistance
  • attending appointments
  • gardening
  • wheelchair assistance
  • physical activities
  • doing errands
  • catheter / continence management


  • watching tv
  • films
  • sewing
  • social activities
  • it and computers
  • travel
  • languages
  • gardening


  • Portuguese / English Diploma
    College of North West London 2002