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Monitor updates in real time, keep important others in the loop, track health and wellbeing trends, improve the care experience for people who matter to you.

About Us

Meet HomeTouch

HomeTouch is an award winning service helping families and organizations to deliver better care with a suite of tools developed by clinicians, carers and people receiving care. We are supported by leading healthcare, social impact and digital organizations including Healthbox, the Nominet Trust, the Technology Strategy Board and UnLtd.

Our first product makes care more interactive, tailored and transparent with a simple to use tablet application for people receiving care with services configured by family members and carers. Find out more by watching the video, taking a look inside or downloading the app.


Tools for better care


Post events to shared calendar, setup reminders and sync with a simple calendar for tablet users

Care Activity Feed

Monitor real time updates on care activities, check responses to prompts, and identify emerging trends

Secure Messaging

Communicate securely with people you trust, loved ones and care professionals

Care profile

Configure a unique profile with medical conditions, support needs and interests to tailor care delivery

Photo Sharing

Upload pictures, share moments and allow simple browsing on our easy to use tablet

Medication List


Create, edit and update regular medications

Medication Compliance Tracking


Setup prompts, track responses and scroll through daily and weekly trends

Mood Tracking


Monitor changes in mood, set reminders and receive updates from a simple tablet based tool

Goal Setting


Plan activities, set milestones and help care recipients reach their goals

Health Videos

Watch educational and health focussed content from the tablet

Web Radio

Tune in to popular radio stations for stimulation and easy listening

Audio Reminders

Set audio prompts set to a timer and make the experience feel human and compassionate

What People Are Saying

Hear about the benefits from people using HomeTouch

HomeTouch helps me with my important healthcare information, reminding me when my medications due, and arranging my care worker appointments.

Mr T

HomeTouch is really good and has apps like medication reminders and symptom trackers that helps me keep well.

Mr T

Nice! Helps me stay in touch with friends by sharing photos.

Mrs K

Care Provider?

We've designed key features around your needs.

HomeTouch enables people to live more independently within their communities and helps Outlook Care develop service users' ability to look after themselves better.

Piotr Rejek

Director of Business Services & Mental Health (Chief Executive designate), Outlook Care

Manage multiple service users

We can help you setup multiple service users, involve informal carers and improve care transparency and communication with service users and families. HomeTouch helps with the following:

  • reducing social isolation
  • improving self efficacy and digital literacy
  • improving service user and care professional insight into behaviours such as medication compliance

Improve productivity

Allow access to multiple staff members, generate efficiency in care related tasks and help identify emerging trends.

  • setup care plans in seconds
  • compare service user trends remotely
  • monitor changes in behaviour

Track Outcomes

Our clinically validated tools are designed to monitor important health and social care variables so you can track improvements over time. Tools allow professionals to rate scores at intervals and monitor change.

  • tailor your outcome scales to ours
  • remotely set care plans and medication reminders